Cooking Wines

Cooking wine

Production process


Our Cooking wines MADE FROM ORIGIN, SPAIN. Nr 1 manufacturing wines country in the world in volume and quality wines, we´re not just packers, we´re in the field, looking how grapes growing during whole year, protect them and using every single variety depending customer´s choice.

We only use sane Wines, that we specifically selected and under “Osmosis reverse” method removed carefully alcohol in order to preserve tasting wine notes, later carefully filter in aseptic and pack into our bottles or Bag in Box.

Product range

  • Red Cooking wine partly dealcoholised and slightly salty
  • White Cooking wine partly dealcoholised and slightly salty
  • Chardonnay Cooking wine
  • Cabernet Sauvignon cooking wine
  • Cooking wine made with Port
  • Cooking wine made with Madeira
  • Cooking wine made with Sherry
  • Brandy Cooking wine



250ml PET Maraska shape, 500ml, 1Lt ,2Lts and 5lts

Bag in Box

Also BAG IN BOX in 3lts, 5lts and 10Lts.

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What people are saying

“Getting a good-tasting wine to add to different recipes is very complicated, which is why I always trusted Ecovinal wine.”

“This cooking wine is perfect to add to almost all my recipes, its flavor is ideal not to interfere with meals.”