About Us


ECOVINAL is a Spanish family business of Food Grade since 1997 located in the north of Spain. Our products are completely manufactured in our factory only. It exports manufactured products to more than 25 countries and we regularly invest in “R&D” a significant amount each year, in order to offer customers Fashion products, and guarantee products of the best quality on the market. We are continuously growing, increasing our billing by double-digit percentages each year. We have the widest range in Europe for the manufacture of product categories.

ECOVINAL has the highest possible rating in the “BRC” audit, and the Kosher Passover accreditation also from the most important Jewish congregations in the world and we have Organic accreditation issued by “CPAEN”. ECOVINAL developing its own bottle molds and taking care of customer needs at all times.

Brand history


The origin of Vegaana dates back to 1832, under the hands of a Spanish elderly woman named Ana, who was 23 years old when she moved to a distant land after her marriage. Throughout her life, Ana had a passion for gardening; her backyard was filled with pomegranates, apple trees, vineyards, raspberries, and more. Ana’s homeland was in the Basque Country, and she always longed for the authentic flavors of her home, wishing her family could taste them too. Following her memories, Ana constantly experimented with fruit vinegar production, and eventually succeeded. Using traditional methods and no additives, her vinegar received unanimous praise from her family. After several generations, this method was carried by Ana’s grandchildren to Navarra, transitioning from a personal project to a commercial venture, from a small workshop to becoming the modern vinegar production company Ecovinal S.L.U., established in 1997. Today, the group has become one of the most influential vinegar companies in Europe and America, exporting its products to more than 35 countries and serving over a hundred million households worldwide. In honor of this great plant lover, Ana’s descendants combined “VEGA” and “ANA,” registering the brand Vegaana. Now, we bring Vegaana to China, where each bottle represents the delicious essence of the Basque Country according to Ana’s memories.


Company Credentials

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Our new facilities have diferent storage conditions, depending, raw material and finish product storage conditions; reefer or dry storage is available in place.


Have a 72 square meter laboratory with a pilot plant of production in place, to check all raw material before to be used in production line.This pilot plant also being used for R+D department,in order to be on market top Factory is brand new ,only 2 years old with most modern technology of manufacturing Vinegar in Europe, while maintaining traditional recipes to keep authenticity of the products.

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All of our production is fully automatic, so people are only involved for quality control, package handling in storage, administration, etc.


The new factory was built in 2012 and in 2017 we doubled our area, having a 15,000 m2 building with 6,000 m2. Each year the company invests in technology and increases the capacity and range of bottles, innovating new quality PET bottles such as our unique glass-look Premium PET bottles.